Reading Plus Login

Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the Reading Plus Login:


Reading Plus Log in Instructions:

1. Enter the Reading Plus Users area page URL to your browser. You may also click this link for easier access:

2. You can find the "Student Login" button at the mid-right part of the page. You may also click this link for an easier access:

3. The first page of their log in area will require you to provide your school code/ site code.

4. Click the "Submit" button to proceed. You will then enter your user name and password on the next pages.

5. Follow the remaining instructions to finish the log in process.



Reading Plus Login Reset Instructions:

1. If you forgot your site code, you may contact your teacher or tutor for more information.

Reading Plus NOTE on the site code:

What is my Site Code?
Your Site Code is a unique code that Reading Plus® assigns to your entire school. The Site Code is your school’s main entrance to Reading Plus®. Each student at your school uses the same Site Code to open the door to Reading Plus®.
If you’ve forgotten your Site Code, ask your Reading Plus® teacher, or friends and classmates who are also using Reading Plus®. When you do get your code, be sure to write it down for future reference.
When you first log in to Reading Plus®, you enter your Site Code and your username and password. Your workstation will remember your Site Code the next time you log in—you will see it in the upper left corner of the screen.
Contact Details:
Still complicated? You can contact Reading Plus directly by using the information provided below:
Reading Plus®
Taylor Associates
110 West Canal Street
Suite 301
Winooski, VT 05404

(800) READ-PLUS (732-3758)
(802) 735-1942
(802) 419-4786 FAX
We try to provide the most up to date information regarding the Reading Plus login process, please bookmark this page and check back later to find out if any of the process has changed, if there are any bugs or system issues, or any other important issues you may need to know about related to the login.